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Instagram Strategy

How does waking up each morning knowing WHAT to post, WHEN to post it, and HOW to authentically engage with your ideal customers sound?

Pretty stinkin’ good, I bet.

With two Instagram Strategy Tiers to choose from, you get ongoing, 1:1 support to help you:

  • schedule out content in advance… instead of rushing to put something together
  • understand your ideal customer so well that you’re speaking their language + seamlessly attracting them to your biz
  • come up with content ideas that reach goals and actually get your business results
  • figure out how to naturally weave video content into your Instagram schedule… without the on-camera nerves!
  • keep up an Instagram feed that you’re proud of… and genuinely reflects your unique pet business
  • engage in a meaningful + impactful way on a regular basis… without it feeling like a huge chore!

With your Instagram Strategy package you get:

  • monthly or bi-monthly strategy intensive meetings each month
  • unlimited chat support throughout the month
  • a Custom-made Content Calendar just for you and your business
  • new educational + how-to resources added to the Tell Your Tails Marketing Vault every single month

Gone are the days of slapping a post together and calling it good.

The good news? Instagram doesn’t need to be as scary or overwhelming as it seems.

Limited spots available each month!

Pet Business

Blog Writing Packages

Maybe you don’t have the time to sit down and write. 

Maybe you don’t feel confident in your writing abilities.

You have all of the ideas but no idea how to pull them together into cohesive, optimized blog posts.

If you’re done trying to tackle blogging for your pet business, grab a personalized blogging package! 

With your blogging package, you’ll receive:

  • a helping hand with topic brainstorming
  • well-written blog posts written in your unique brand voice
  • consistency so that your audience can rely on new blogs off the press!
  • help with SEO optimization
  • an expert, pet biz blog writing eye to help you stand apart from the rest

Packages start at just $70/month

Pet Business

Email Marketing

Emails build an intimate and personal relationship with your ideal customer. Don’t let that go to waste!

Want to introduce email marketing into your marketing strategy to really build a real, personal connection with your ideal customer?

Email marketing packages include:

  • an eye-catching email design + template creation
  • customized email content that speaks your ideal customer’s language

Packages start at just $100/month

pet business marketing

“I am a veterinarian and I have a pet health blog that I write on the side. Rachel has been helping me with the blog for over a year now and she has been phenomenal! She has an extensive knowledge about marketing, social media and the newest trends and has really helped me get this blog off the ground. I send out monthly newsletters to my blog subscribers and this is always a process that I dread a little. Having Rachel help me with the newsletter has been a godsend. She takes the information I give her and then whips up something amazing every time. It makes the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable for me and allows my blog subscribers to have some consistent mail in their inbox. If you have a project you are trying to get off the ground, I highly recommend working with Rachel!!”

Dr. Magda

Holistika Vet