Attract the right customers for your pet business + keep ‘em comin’ with

 tried + true digital marketing strategies

Stop worrying about where your next pet business customer is coming from.

No money? More problems.

That’s the saying, right?

You’ve built the pet business you’ve always dreamed of, but it turns out,

it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

‣ you’re as busy as a bee – a personal life, what’s that?

‣ everything is moving at a snail’s pace aka your to-do list makes you sad

‣ starting a new project = opening a can of worms

‣ a bull in a china shop on social media – what the heck’s an algorithm 

And on top of it all, you have a major case of FOMO, feeling like everyone else is kicking ass and taking names… and you’re just barely surviving.

Pet service providers, what if…

you could reach a place in your business where a client moves away, and you don’t feel an immediate sting in your business bank account?

If your pet business is feeling like a vicious cycle of: bring in new clients, get too busy, lose a client, worry about revenue, repeat… then you’re in the right place.

Envision implementing business processes + marketing tactics that do the work for you, generating new leads + interest. Your ideal customers are coming to you vs. you having to sniff them out!

Pet product businesses, what if…

you knew exactly what your customers wanted from you… before investing time + money into a dud?

It’s the pet business entrepreneur’s biggest downfall. You have an idea, you think it’s great, you run it by your friends + family and they say “do it!”, you spend time + money on creation mode, you share it with the world…crickets.

Imagine knowing your customer so well that you have the ability to create products + services that they not only love but line up for, ready to throw their money at you!

You started your pet business with a pep in your step.

I’m here to help you go from stressed, tired, and feeling left behind to…

top freakin’ dog.

Build A Customer Vision Board For Your Pet Business!

This Customer Vision Board Activity will help you truly understand who it is you need to be talking to in your pet business marketing.


As Seen In

“Rachel is THE BEST. I’ve worked with her on several projects each time she surpassed my expectations by providing the highest quality of work and saving me a tremendous amount of time and stress. I can’t say enough good things about Rachel’s work ethic and copyrighting/marketing/ communication/SEO skills. She’s patient, a great communicator, and, blew me away!”


Keep The Tail Wagging

“Rachel took my disorganized thoughts & work and spun them into a fantastic word mosaic which somehow ended up being what I was trying to say all along.”



Hi, I’m Rachel and I help pet businesses attract their ideal customers… so they can turn around and sell to ‘em!

I’m passionate about running a business that comes from the heart, living by Maya Angelou’s famous quote,“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” 

On the road to becoming a pet business marketing consultant, I graduated with a degree in Zoology, developed content and taught classes at an aquarium, ran a doggy daycare + boarding facility, and managed a holistic pet store in Los Angeles. With over 10 years of working alongside animals, I realized that my introvert self loved working behind-the-scenes. Give me a computer and tell me your deepest goals + dreams, and I’ll happily help piece every little detail together, cashew milk matcha latte in hand.

One of my strongest values is optimization. I wholeheartedly believe in strengthening our strengths and asking for help where we need it.

You’re a pet business owner. And I’m someone who can help your pet business marketing seem less like a foreign language and more like a well-oiled machine. We’re a match made in heaven.

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