Ah, the ideal customer. The concept of this perfect, imaginary creature is what brings me the warm fuzzy feelings! Why? Because having an ideal customer set gives you so much clarity around your marketing and sales! 

So it should surprise no one to hear that I think it is a HUGE mistake to forget about your ideal customer when developing your social media strategy. In fact, your ideal customer might be the most important aspect of your social media strategy, and here’s why.

Where does your ideal customer come into your social media strategy?

If you’re taking the time to develop a detailed and well-thought-out social media strategy, there is usually a pretty good reason for it. Typically when taking the energy and time and resources to craft a plan of any kind, there is intention behind it. So what is your intention with your social media strategy? 

If you’re like most of the pet businesses I know, it’s usually one of the following things: to grow brand awareness, to communicate with your customers, or to acquire more or new customers. The thing is… your ideal customer should be front and center in all of these goals. 

Your ideal customer is who you are speaking to. So forgetting about them is kinda counterproductive.

What causes pet businesses to forget about their ideal customers?

You may be thinking “Well, Rachel, I know that! I won’t forget about them.” But the thing is, we forget them and we don’t realize we’ve forgotten them because we don’t remember. You see the problem?

As mentioned before, your ideal customer is the MAIN FOCUS of your entire social media strategy. In some fashion or another, they are absolutely required to meet the goal that you set for yourself.

So if you are not asking yourself questions like the following, you may be forgetting about your ideal customer: 

  • Will this content benefit my ideal customer? 
  • Is this content worth my ideal customer’s time? 
  • Am I making this for myself, my business, or my ideal customer?
  • What do I hope my ideal customer gains from this post?
  • What am I asking my ideal customer to do? Is there a call to action?

It often happens innocently enough. Maybe one day you’re super busy and you half-ass your content. You throw up a post or maybe just reshare some memes into your Instagram Stories This is not a bad thing, necessarily – but in this case, did you ask yourself, “why am I sharing this?”

Are you sharing to provide value to your ideal customer or are you sharing to mark ‘post on social media’ off of your to-do list?

If your answer is the latter, Houston, we have a problem.

See? It’s much easier than you think. When our day-to-day schedules take over, it can be incredibly easy to forget about who we’re talking to.

To prevent this from happening, check-in as you’re creating content, put on your ideal customer glasses, and look at your content from their eyes. Are they receiving value? Is your customer being led to your business in an authentic way? Are you enriching their social media experience? If not, it may be time to make some adjustments.

How to put your ideal customer first in your content strategy

There are a lot of tools that can help you think about your ideal customer. But to make sure you’re covering all of your bases, you want to develop a social media strategy. Having a solid social media strategy means you’ve considered your ideal customer and have also considered things like your goals and your business goings-ons and timeline.

Your social media strategy becomes this foolproof formula that takes the guesswork out of posting on social media.

Social media content for your ideal customer

A big part of your social media strategy (but not all of it) is about the content that you put out there. As we said, it’s important to consider whether the content is actually useful to your ideal customer?

From the perspective of your ideal customer, think of the types of posts and content, you would find value in. Then think about the frequency in which you might find them valuable. (Not all types of content are useful ALL THE TIME. Just like with anything, moderation is often the key.) 

Here is an example: Say I’m a dog trainer, and I’m looking to drive new clients to my business with my social media strategy. I’ve determined that in-depth training tips, advice, and tutorials do really well with my ideal customer.

However, I know that this kind of in-depth information can overwhelm my ideal customer, too. That means, I dedicate one post a week to an in-depth how-to and pepper other, lighter (but still useful) posts into the week as well.

I also know that behind-the-scenes photos and videos are very helpful for my clients who typically never trusted their pets with trainers before. So that’s another content type I’ll be including.

I also know that my unique background working at a zoo is fascinating to my audience. So I am sure to include posts that share my unique experience and expertise, while also connecting with my audience on a more personal level.

Add into that sales posts (yes, you do have to sell yourself every now and then) where I directly tell my followers to book now. And I have myself some solid content types for my social media account.

  • Tips: 21.25%
  • Behind-The-Scenes/Client Features: 21.25%
  • Expertise/Personal: 21.25%
  • Selling: 15%

Now even if I am strapped for time or overwhelmed with clients, I can look at my ratios (and what I’ve posted recently) and know what I can quickly whip up. That way, I’ll never post anything I’m not sure my ideal customer will value. 

The trick here is to make sure the content types you are putting out are valuable to your customer. 

How do I make sure the content is valuable to my ideal customer? 

There are a variety of ways you can learn more about what your ideal customer values.

You can ask – straight up! I am a big fan of surveys and questionnaires. And if you make them simple and easy to follow, your customers aren’t nearly as bothered by filling them out as you might imagine. 

You can also ask them in conversation by asking, “Hey do you follow us on social media? Are there any posts that you find really helpful?”

You can check your analytics to see which types of posts are getting the most engagement. Or you can even check out some of the other pet businesses they follow on social and see what types of content they are posting. 

The takeaway here is that social media strategy, even when done right, is not a set it and forget it type situation. It needs to grow and evolve as your ideal customer grows and evolves. It needs to always be keeping your ideal customer in mind because it needs to be interesting to your ideal customer!  After all, customers are the whole point of a business.

If you’ve overwhelmed by social media strategy, don’t worry it just means your normal. I’ve worked with countless pet biz owners just like you!

Be sure to check out my Social Media Strategy packages! We get to work together 1on1 to come up with a game plan for your social media channel. We’ll talk through things like your ideal customer and your goals. Then, we’ll come up with content ideas and start plugging them into a calendar.