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Trying to appeal to everyone is like herding feral cats.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t be everything to everyone”. And the same holds true within your business.

How many times have you set out to write an email to your customers and thought about a few of them specifically? How is Seventy-year-old Sally going to take this? What about Millennial Molly? Is this email too long for busy Ben?

Trying to please them all is impossible. And you’ll drive yourself crazy attempting to.

Selecting an ideal customer isn’t a difficult process, but it is the underdog of business tools. When starting out, so many pet businesses get their services in order, pick out a logo, and maybe even, put up a website. Oftentimes, the customer gets lost in that process.

Brainstorming your ideal customer gives your business a leg up. By researching and reflecting on your ideal customer, you will…

💪 Further solidify your brand’s tone of voice

💰  Stream line your marketing tactics

👩 Attract the customers of your dreams

Through this Customer Vision Board activity, you will write down important information about your ideal customer and create a beautiful, digital vision board to continue to remind and inspire you.

It’s actually fun to come up with an ideal customer!

I didn’t realize it could be so specific. It’s like describing my ideal bff! 😂


Love and Luna Pet Photography

In the Customer Vision Board activity you will get:

📖 The Envisioning Your Ideal Customer Workbook

📹 A how-to video showing you exactly how to put your vision board together + download it for future reference

🧾 2 Canva Vision Board template styles

Grab your free Customer Vision Board tools here!