Pet businesses are the best businesses! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times. But as great as pet businesses are, they also have their weaknesses (don’t we all). The most common problem I see is that pet business owners shy away from getting personal! Having a more personal pet business is essential when it comes to attracting and selling to your customers.

Hear me out. Personal brands are huge right now! Like HUGE huge! Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, and even a little before, there has been a huge increase in customers wanting to connect with the companies they buy from. Customers are becoming more attached to the businesses they support and utilizing their purchasing power to change the world!

Too often, though, pet businesses and small businesses, in general, shy away from showing their personality. Why? For a few different reasons. Sometimes it’s because they are introverted (like me) and don’t know where to start. Other times it’s because they think they aren’t interesting enough (spoiler alert: you are!). And other times, it’s because they don’t think they have enough time. 

Whatever your reason, I’m here to help! I’ve created a formula for developing the ultimate personal pet business brand. And I’ve also started a Get Personal 7-Day Challenge* to help you nail the formula! 

(Your Personality + Your Pet Business Branding) X Your Ideal Customer = 

Your Personal Pet Business 

Personal Pet Branding Ingredient #1: Your Personality 

If you want to develop a personal pet business, it all starts with you! Yes, you! You will be the personality of your brand. In order to really connect with others, you have to put yourself into your pet business marketing.

What does that mean? It can mean putting something about yourself into your pet business social media posts. It can mean sharing a personal story in a pet business blog. Or it can mean becoming real life friends with your customers.

There are a million different ways to showcase YOU in your business and we share a whole bunch of them in the Get Personal 7-Day Challenge.*

woman with dog showing pet business personality

The goal is to give your customers something to connect to. Something that makes them remember you. Sometimes something as simple as having the same favorite show or coffee order can be enough to start the conversations that lead to life-long, loyal customers. 

Personal Pet Branding Ingredient #2: Your Pet Business Branding 

If you’re starting from the ground floor here, at the very least, get together a basic font, some Canva templates, and a few color codes you like and work with that for the moment. But be sure to hammer out your branding sooner rather than later because branding is how you can train people to instantaneously recognize and interact with your brand.

Your branding absolutely needs to work to attract your ideal customer (which we’ll talk about next), but make sure that your branding aligns with your own personality in some ways, too! If you create a brand that is totally different from you, you’ll find it harder to keep up with marketing. And you’ll be less excited to post or interact as your brand.

The perfect branding is really this fine line between balancing what your ideal customer is attracted to and you. Mixing your personality with your pet business brand will help people associate your business’s brand with you. This is exactly what we want when developing a personal pet business. 

Personal Pet Branding Ingredient #3: Your Ideal Customer 

Your ideal customer is a VERY important part of the formula for developing a personal pet business. Your personality and your branding work together to create the message but that message HAS TO be tailored to your ideal customer. 

Why? Because your ideal customer is who you are trying to attract! Your content, what platforms you post on, and even what time you post should be decided based upon the needs of your ideal customer.

Join the Get Personal 7-Day Challenge!

Even though you know having a personal brand is important, that doesn’t mean it’s not scary. Getting on camera, showing your face, sharing more about you, these are all really intimidating. No one wants to be judged or laughed at after all.

If this is you, hop into the Challenge now*! We go over ways to get personal (with varying levels of difficulty depending on what you’re willing to do), how to set boundaries, and even go through video tips that will help you create engaging videos in not a ton of time!

Join the Get Personal 7-Day Challenge

*(Please note: this is a live event I hosted in March 2021, by clicking on this link, you will be redirected to a page with instructions on how to access the replay)