When it comes to your pet business marketing,

you need someone who has been there done that.

I’m Rachel

Pet business marketer, rescue dog mama, FRIENDS binge-watcher, and matcha latte sipper

I’m an animal-loving, organized, planning machine with a passion for animal rescue and empowering the women around me.

I am my best when I get to work with pet businesses, helping them tell their unique story, attract their ideal customers, and build a brand their customers can really rally around.

All with a side of humor – bring on all the animal puns.

I studied Zoology in college and spent any free time working or volunteering in animal-centered positions. I taught school children at a local aquarium, I moved fruit flies from vial to vial for a research lab, and I shoveled poop at a dog daycare.

I spent 10+ years in the thick of the pet industry, I’ve managed both a dog daycare & boarding facility and a holistic pet store. This means… I’ve seen what you’re going through. I’ve seen the lack of organization, the unclear delegations, and the often, physical overwhelm that comes with working in the pet industry.

I launched Tell Your Tails to help you fight the pet business dilemma: full schedule, empty bank account

I offer customized marketing packages and tools that leave you feelin’ crystal clear about what to do.




Tell Your Tails Paw-fice Manager

Meet Goose!

You’ll spot this lazy dude in my pictures and lurking behind me in my Instagram Stories.