So here’s something we’re all seeing more and more: the more personal your brand is with your audience, the better connection you make. In today’s day and age, people are attracted to authenticity and realness. They want to see the person behind the brand. They want to really know, like, and trust you.

For us introvert business owners, this can certainly be a tough pill to swallow.

But getting personal with your audience isn’t a trend that is just going to go away. It’s something that is here to stay and will continue to grow.

So how can you get personal with your customers… without busting out TikTok dances? Not that there is anything wrong with TikTok dances, but first of all, not all of us are gifted with the ability to shake our groove thing. But most importantly, TikTok dances aren’t the only way to get personal with your people. There are countless other ways that you can highlight your unique personality.

So let’s come up with some other, less cringe-worthy ways!

But first…

Why should you care to get personal with your customer in the first place? 

As a pet business owner, your customers are some of the most loyal and fun customers on the planet, but in order for them to be loyal to you, you have to hook ‘em first. You do this by connecting with them. 

A customer acquired through personal connection is a customer that never strays and a customer that happily recommends you to all of their friends and colleagues. Connecting and building relationships is a business tool that pays out three-fold. Don’t skimp on personal connections.

Now that you know you need to build a more personal relationship with your customers, here are 5 ways to get personal with your customer WITHOUT doing TikTok dances.

Get Personal Tactic #1: Introduce Yourself! 

Let me start by saying… I absolutely love pet businesses. I literally built my business around my love for pet businesses. And after all this time in and around the pet industry, I will tell you one thing. A lot of you are not putting any of yourself into your brand. 

I see it over and over again. Pet business owners who eat, sleep, and breathe their business. They nurture their business and love their business and pour themselves into their business day after day, month after month, and year after year. And yet there is none of themselves in their business. 

Whether you’re a small team of one or a team of many, your pet owner customers need to see some personality. This personality is what draws them to your brand, what helps you stand out from the pack, and what keeps them around and loyal for years to come.

The first step is to introduce yourself. Just take a selfie, or have your bestie over for an impromptu photo session and take a few headshots. Then post that selfie as a sort of reintroduction. That’s it. It seems so simple, but the impact can be huge! 

get personal with your pet business audience by showing up on stories

By introducing yourself you are putting a face to the brand. And while puppy photos are certainly cute, your face is going to stop someone from scrolling.

Whether you’re a pet business that cares for pets or makes products for them, we’re talkin’ fur babies here. People love their pets like they’re family. Why buy from some faceless pet brand when they can buy from a brand they’ve learned to know, like, and trust?

P.S. Remember to reintroduce yourself often. As you attract new people to your brand, make sure you’re inviting them into your world.

Tactic #2: Share Something Personal About Yourself!

Once you’ve introduced yourself and your face is out there, share things about yourself on a regular basis. You can do this in a post about your normal work activity (such as adding a small tidbit about yourself into your post about a recent customer/job). Or you can do this in a post about something entirely non-work-related (such as your go-to coffee order). 

The goal here is to get comfortable with sharing things about yourself in your content to help to connect you to the brand. 

For example, if you’re a dog walker and you typically post photos of your walks, try adding in a quick line about how proud you were that Fido wasn’t reactive on this walk. Or maybe you want to share that you love the smell of the grass in the morning. No tidbit is too boring or unworthy. Every little bit you share is a meaningful part of you and connects you deeper with your ideal customer.

Tactic #3: Be yourself, like for real! 

Getting personal isn’t just about what you do or what you like. It’s also about how you talk and how you carry yourself.

Are you a jokester that loves telling corny dad jokes? Make sure your audience sees that about you.

Do you use slang? Do you naturally speak very professionally? Are you loving or a little more standoffish? All of these aspects of who you are should be displayed to your online audience.

Plus, the more true you are to yourself, the easier all of your marketing becomes. If you pretend to be this buttoned up person, but you’re really a huge prankster, your marketing is going to be a chore for you.

There are countless ways to incorporate your personality into what you do. If you can trust your customer to accept you the way you are, they are much more likely to trust you to accept them.

Tactic #4: Show Up on Stories! 

Almost all social media platforms have some sort of ‘Stories’ feature. And almost nothing does more to help you connect and get personal with your customer than showing up on Stories.

But if Stories are intimidating to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a variety of ways that you can inject personality into your stories. You don’t necessarily need to chat right into the camera, but I want to challenge you to work up to that.

Hopping on stories can help your audience connect with you so much better than a basic post. Stories just add that something personal to an interaction. You’re able to see someone’s mannerisms and how they interact, sound, etc. in real time. And they allow the sharer to share beautiful quick snippets of personal moments – which breeds connection at warp speed. 

The trick to stories is remembering that they disappear! This makes them way less scary. Unlike bad selfies, they don’t stick around on your timeline to show you how bad you used to style your hair. 

Your first ones do not have to be good. In fact, it can help breed trust (and entertainment) if you share in your first story that it IS your first story and you laugh about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, none of us are Kardashians. 

Not sure what to show up on stories for? Try these common story scenarios: 

  • Show behind the scenes info (post grooming session, making a cat collar, etc) 
  • Show preparation snippets (preparing huge shipment or project, teamwork) 
  • Show before and afters 
  • Share boomerangs of the office 
  • Share team shots or short clips of the team interacting 
  • Share what you do on your day off
  • Polls or quizzes

Find the stories setup that feels right to you. You absolutely don’t have to apply them all.

Get Personal Tactic #5: Host a LIVE Q&A!

Remember when I said stories help to build connections better than almost anything else? Lives were the anything else. Going Live on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube is an amazing way to get personal with your ideal customer on social media. Hosting a live allows you to real-time engage with dozens of people at once, answer questions, and be yourself the entire time. 

Now if going live intimidates you, you are definitely not alone. In fact, a lot of this is intimidating for a lot of people – myself included.

But lucky you! Starting March 15, 2021, I am hosting a free Get Personal 7-Day Challenge.

This Challenge is designed to help pet business owner like you get personal and build authentic, lifelong relationships with their customers. And the best part is it was developed by an introvert… me! So there are plenty of half-steps and adjustments that can be made to make the Challenge challenging but not impossible! Because I’ve been in your shoes.

So you in or what?